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Immuno Kit


Introducing the powerful & most effective immunity
Booster Kit

50,000+ families have included it in their daily diet

Vardhan Ayurveda

Vitalizes body and mind

Vardhan Ayurveda

Stimulates the healing process

Vardhan Ayurveda

Regulates the immune system

Vardhan Ayurveda

Supports respiratory wellness


54 Herbs = 1 Spoon = 5x better health

Support the digestive system

immunity support for all age groups

A rejuvenating and anti-ageing tonic

Antioxidant properties that help nourish brain cells

Protects against viral & bacterial infections

Enhance overall strength & well-being

Confused how our products canbuild your immunity?

Our Ingredients

Dignissim similique duo te, et euripidis urbanitas sit, nam id utroque inimicus definiebas. Mei sumo phaedrum.