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Immuno Vardhan


Immuno Vardhan Syrup is an amazing natural immunity enhancer and suitable for all age groups. It accelerates the functionality of infection-fighting cells. A scientific formula combined with natural herbs builds immunity, strength and prevents recurrent infections and allergies.


Immuno Vardhan Immunity Syrup is a clinically tested and certified Ayurvedic formulation that ensures the therapeutic effect against the bacteria most likely to be causing the infection.
During seasonal outbreaks, your body will be ready to fight any diseases like Influenza, Typhoid, Malaria, etc., as the regular consumption of Immuno Vardhan Syrup.
Little ones are more susceptible to recurring infections due to weak immunity. Immuno Vardhan Syrup builds immunity levels and helps avoid frequent infections.
Immuno Vardhan Syrup is prescribed to prevent respiratory system and throat infections because of natural anti-oxidants; this syrup helps fight damage caused by viruses or bacteria, which are essentially toxic molecules. It helps battle poor immunity, infections, sore throat, and respiratory problems.

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