Quality Policy - Vardhan ayurvedic hospital

Quality Policy

We, at Vardhan Ayurveda, are committed to supplying superior products and maintaining high-quality standards to achieve the ultimate of building a healthier lifestyle.


Our quality focus includes all areas of its production processes – from obtainment of raw material to naturally extraction process by utilising latest production technology.


Regular validation of processes, test methods, and periodic calibration of all equipment guarantees consistency in production. A fully-fledged Quality Control Laboratory ensures that all of our products are standardized.

Apart from following and maintaining an effective Quality Management System, Vardhan Ayurveda also conducts periodic self-assessments through a voluntary self-audit of its operations to remain competing in the pharmaceutical formulations industry.


The operational guideline of Vardhan Ayurveda is to enhance customer satisfaction through the successful application of a Quality System, including implementation of essential regulatory checks at all levels (quality, service, communication).


Our relentless focus on innovation has helped us to emerge as the most trusted brand in Ayurvedic Industry and be known worldwide for our range of products. Our operations span from the research and production of Ayurvedic Medicines.



Natural ingredients, without chemical additives

Certified & Recognized by authorities

Laboratory tested & verified

Ayurvedic Principles with latest modern technology