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Immunity is not built overnight, and it requires a daily regimen. Build it gradually by consuming the correct proportion of herbs and in a prescribed manner.

Immunity is a collective word that includes strengthening your lung, liver & health and helps in improving Broncho Dilation & Oxygenation.

The kit combines 5 products giving powerful Ayurvedic immunity-boosting ingredients that kill infection-causing microbes, softens throat, mucus clears, respiratory passage, alleviates inflammation of the throat and respiratory tract, promoting overall better health.


Vardhan Immunity Kit To Boost Immunity Without Side Effects 

• Agastya Rasayan
Recovers Flu and cold – With the blend of all ayurvedic formulations, it fights with viruses and builds strong resistance power.
• Anu Thailum
Maintain Respiratory health- Make nasal moisturize, which prevents virus and dust particle to enter in lungs that support Respiratory health.
• Ojo Vardhan Vati
Maintain liver function- Amla, with its antioxidants, keeps the liver healthy and strong.
• Immuno Vardhana tablet & Syrup
Strengthening digestive system- Tulsi, with all other ayurvedic mixture, helps remove toxins from the body and improve the digestive system.

Immunity Kit online are helping us in increasing the immunity of our body during the COVID-19 pandemic. Immune boosting is a subject associated with the coronavirus pandemic. Everyone is analyzing the benefits of immune boosters which are herbal and without side effects. There is a proper relation between food, fitness, and health which is related to both optimistic and pessimistic health outcomes. Immune Vardhan is an immune booster which increases the immunity power.

 All the evidence exposed to us shows the benefits of immune boosting. Immune boosting is associated with better metabolism, disease prevention, self protection, good health, improved cognition as well as skin care.

Our lifestyle affects the immune system; it is stimulating and should be studied. Research has made it clear the effects of diet, work out, age, mental stress, and some other factors which show immune response, both in animals as well as in human beings. You first choose a healthy lifestyle for a proper immune system. Part of a healthy lifestyle is not to smoke, a healthy diet with  fruits and vegetables, regular exercise or yoga, body weight should be maintained, do not drink alcohol, have proper sleep, try to be stress free, hand washing should be done  repeatedly and take vaccines as suggested by your doctor.

 Immune System Regarding Age

Boosting the cells of your immune system is also a complicated process because there are so many different kinds of cells and the immune system responds differently according to the individual’s body. Our body is repeatedly generating immune cells and certain cells remove them.  As there is increase of age, there is a reduction of immune response ability. This leads to increased chances of infections and cancer. But on the other hand, some people age healthily, from the conclusion of many studies, we come to know that the bone marrow becomes less capable of producing the stem cells, which helps in giving rise to the cells which help in increasing the immune system. 

 Immune System Affected by Diet

A healthy diet plays an important role for an increase in the immune system. A healthy soul lives in a healthy body as the people suffering from malnourishment are more exposed to infectious diseases. If you are having deficiency of micronutrients then taking a daily multivitamin and mineral supplement may benefit you. But taking more doses is not good.  

 Herbs the Immunity Booster Ayurvedic Products

Herbs are playing a special role in increasing immunity without any side effects. From ancient times only it is found that herbs can enhance immunity. Herbs immunity booster products help in increasing  the levels of antibodies in the blood and are beneficial for immunity.

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    I got very good results after using this product for 2 weeks

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    Amazing product!

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